Investment Strategy

Investment Criteria
Transaction Type
Direct Assets, Structured Equity
Primarily Fiber, Spectrum, Cell Towers, and Other Communications Assets
Primarily North America
Target of $50 - $150 million
Predictable, recurring revenue

Low volatility uncorrelated to debt and equity markets

Predictable and recurring revenue

Capital Structures

Grain applies a quantitative approach to generating, evaluating, and selectively pursuing opportunities with the potential to generate outsized returns.

Fundamental to the execution of this strategy from screening to exit are our Investment Team, Senior Advisors, and Operations Team. Our data-driven Investment Team performs multi-dimensional empirical analyses on every transaction, enabling accurate and efficient-decision making from investment screening to exit. To drive value, our team is able to create unique capital structures to minimize risk and maximize return potential.

We combine sector intelligence from

  • Our Senior Advisors and differentiated industry network, which provide a 3-dimensional view of the market
  • The existing portfolio of assets managed by our Operations Team, and
  • Our proprietary econometric and geospatial investment models created and tracked by our Investment Team to monitor performance and risk throughout the life of the investment

Meet the Grain Team